NetWorld Case Studies - Real-World Success Stories

Company Overview

Merida is a well-known company with an experience of 25 years of experience in sanitaryware manufacturing and supply. With its technology upgrades & implementation of many innovations in the last two decades, it has enough expertise to be an upcoming leader in the manufacturing industry. Because of its many uses and proven effectiveness, this brand enjoys strong brand recognition and customer loyalty.


< But! >

The Problem

Despite having this much brand recognition, it couldn’t avail the deserving results through its online presence. Even the companies with lower manufacturing units used to have better online results than, which is the prime business website of Merida.


< What to do? >

The Solution

Here is when Team NetWorld stepped into the picture to handle/improve the online presence will all the legal/trending digital marketing weapons.

When it comes to a layperson, a user/customer & coincidently the sole decision-maker for his own company, he will only step into the websites with the best look & feel. This was when we had to do the job we were best at. So, we recommended some customized designs & were ready to get the job done.

At a high level, we anchored the website design & development process to deliver a platform with the best look & feel. Then, after an interval, we can all determine the improvement in the results. It was unbelievable!